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The Psychology of Obstacles in Brand Marketing

The previous post, Branding Psychology Insights: How Consumer’s REALLY View Your Brand, discussed three important ideas: Your consumers are concerned ONLY about their end result Your product/service is your consumer’s bridge/obstacle to the end result they desire Your brand, the face & name of your product/service, must be synonymous with that end result We all […]

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Brand Strategy Insights: 2 Ways Consumers Evaluate Your Brand

When consumers are shopping, consecutively watching ads, and actively searching for solutions to their problems, they are evaluating the different brands they see.

If those brands were able to understand exactly HOW their consumer makes judgements and evaluates, they would be able to more strategically and effectively reach out to their consumers. They would connect better with their audience. They would influence their audience more strategically. They would position their message, story, and promise more effectively.

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Marketing Psychology Magic: How to Capture Consumer Attention and Influence Perception

Before psychologists and brain scientists began diving deep into the workings of the human mind, there existed a set of individuals who were well-established experts in behavioral economics. These individuals still exist today. They are able to manipulate our expectations, overwhelm us with sensory stimulation, provide us with false confidence, and essentially influence the reality […]

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How to Leverage Pricing Psychology to Influence Consumer Buying Decisions

Understanding your consumer to build a strong marketing strategy is fundamentally about: Understanding the psychology behind how your consumers make use of their time and money Understanding the psychology of where your consumers focus their attention The amount of aspects which influence someone’s choices are endless.  The more we understand them, the more we as […]

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